Dear Civil Air Patrol Cadet,

A mobile application has been created to help you with what matters most to many cadets - earn your next promotion! This application, engineered by Nevada Wing CAP members for your iPhone or iPad, automatically connects to the internet to determine what requirements remain for your current achievement. It is designed to show you these requirements at a quick glance in a readable format. You may look back and see what you've already accomplished, and even look all the way forward to learn everything you will need to earn the coveted Spaatz award. Additionally, you can request to add other cadets as friends and compete with them for your promotions! We hope you will find this app helpful in speeding you along your way through the CAP cadet program.

You may download the app from the Apple App Store. There is absolutely no charge to use this service and there never will be. You just need an iPhone or iPad capable of running iOS 13 or higher.

The only other requirement is that you must have an active CAP email account. When you first open the app, you'll be asked to log in one time with your CAP email address and password.

Note that this is NOT your CAPID and eServices password. Just log in with what you use to get your CAP email. Upon logging in, you will be taken to your current achievement. Navigating the app should be self-explanatory. Click on the subjects for your achievement to see further details, or click on the achievement name itself to see other achievements, past or future. To see a friend's progress or add a new friend, tap the plus icon next to your name. The database is updated nightly, so anything you accomplish will be reflected in the app the next day.

You may download the app from the App Store using the following link or clicking the image below:

For application support including questions, feature requests and bug reports, go to

Apple Store Link

Go forth and advance your education and training rapidly!